DAFT Consult'ing: [ah] n. database and functional technology consultants; experts or specialists in their field.

DAFT Consulting is a consortium of friends who came together in 1997 to pursue common interests related to the developing technologies surrounding the internet. The group is dedicated to finding innovative solutions to the complex problems faced by organisations of various sizes around the country.

As emphasis on the world wide web has increased among the UK's businesses, DAFT have helped implement reliable, affordable solutions for organisations that were in the proverbial digital wilderness. The solutions DAFT originated span the chasm between list management packages which not only keep track of on-line news subscribers but also send the news for clients to a web-based, searchable directory of client information for intranet use.

The DAFT group offer an unparalleled range of services to their clients. With products and services ranging from LINUX installation, support and training to mailing list management, web design and implementation, internet security and e-commerce development. The speciality at DAFT, however, is bespoke database development.

The team at DAFT can offer this wide range of products to clients because of the sheer variety of skills they posses. DAFT have access to database specialists, look and feel experts, LINUX/UNIX engineers, security/monitoring technicians and they know how to make a damn fine cup of coffee. This means that DAFT's team of consultants can offer genuine, practical advice and solutions to virtually any quandary facing today's businesses.